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Dedicated to serving the People of Catron County

IanChief Executive County Official

Cost of Liberty

The county Sheriff is the highest power in the county; even the governor or the president cannot overrule the county sheriff.
The County Sheriff answers ONLY to the People who elected them.

Is your sheriff a constitutional oath-keeping sheriff?

If not, the People must demand that they are, or to immediately initiate a recall and an election. A constitutional Sheriff is the People’s
ONLY protection against government tyranny and foreign invasion.

America’s Last Hope: County Sheriffscspoa

Sheriff Richard Mack on the best plan to restore the Great American No Sheriff Left Behind-smRepublic and the freedom that made the United States great.

Do you want to restore peace, security and prosperity to Catron County? How much freedom do you want?

  1. Would you be willing to do your part ~ to do your duty to God & Country?

  2. Would you call your sheriff and offer him your support as his sheriff posse?

  3. Would you volunteer for training on a regular basis?

  4. Are you willing to stand with your sheriff to protect your neighbors from STATE and Federal property confiscation?

  5. Are you willing to arm yourself and stand against all tyranny, foreign & domestic?

  6. Will you stand with your sheriff against the IRS?

  7. Will you stand with your sheriff against STATE and FEDERAL roadblock revenue generating schemes?

  8. Would you like to freely travel without license, registration and STATE forced insurance?

  9. Are You willing to stand with your sheriff against the unlawful encroachment of Federal agents such as the BLM, Forest Service, State Patrol, FBI, CIA, DEA, EPA, FDA, or US Military operating within the county?

  10. Would you like to see the Lumber mills opened again?

  11. Would you like to see the local ranchers back in business? Would you purchase locally grown meat and poultry from your local grocery store?

  12. Would you like to see Local mines operating again?

  13. Would you like to see Farmers back in business and have locally grown organic food available in your local grocery store?

  14. Would you like to see local businesses return to serve your community?

  15. Would you like to see people who want to work have jobs again?

  16. Would you like to see your children have a proper education?

  17. Would you like to see weaponized toxic fluoride removed from the local water supply?

  18. Would you like the county’s watershed, streams and aquifers be available to the People once again?

  19. Would you like to fish and hunt without license?

  20. Would you like to see local government services such as trash removal be restored?

  21. Would you like to see drug dealers prevented from preying on the Children?

  22. Would you like to keep the money that you earn instead of paying income tax?

  23. Would you like to lawfully never have to pay property tax again?

All of this, and more, can be an immediate reality when you join with your local sheriff and insist that Constitutional Government be restored in your county. Together, you can reclaim the freedom that made America great.

If you are an OathKeeper, a Veteran, ex-police, or a Citizen with skills or talents your local Sheriff can use to protect and serve the People of your county, call and volunteer now. We are all in this together!


America is Number One!


Sheriff Ian Fletcher: CourtHouse - Copy - Copy

  • PO Box 467
  • Reserve, NM 87830 

575-533-6222 {24 hour}  

575-533-6722 Fax


The real Statue of Liberty built by Americans in Plymouth, Massachusetts: 


John Adams said:
“We have no government armed in power capable of contending with human passions unbridled by morality and religion. Our Constitution was made only for a religious and moral people. It is wholly inadequate for the government of any other.” John Adams Oct. 11, 1798; Address to the military

I want youIf you would like to volunteer your skills, talents or services to Catron County in aid of Sheriff Fletcher, please send a message below:

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